Summer is here, and it’s time to break out the grill and the picnic basket. But before you start planning your next outdoor feast, let’s talk about the joys and pitfalls of picnics and BBQs.

The Joys of Picnics

Picnics are the perfect way to enjoy nature-based family activities. You can pack a sustainable family fun lunch and head to the park, the beach, or the mountains. You can play games, read books, or just lounge around and enjoy the scenery. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot some wildlife.

The Pitfalls of Picnics

But let’s be real: picnics can also be a nightmare. There’s always that one person who forgets the sunscreen or the bug spray. There’s always a rogue ant or a bird who wants to share your food. And don’t even get me started on the weather. One minute it’s sunny and warm, the next minute it’s pouring rain.

The Joys of BBQs

BBQs are another great way to enjoy sustainable family fun. You can grill up some veggies or meat, gather around the fire pit, and tell stories. It’s a great way to bond with family and friends and enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of sizzling food?

The Pitfalls of BBQs

But of course, there are downsides to BBQs too. There’s always the risk of burning your food or starting a fire. There’s always that one person who insists on bringing their own weird condiments or insisting on cooking everything themselves. And let’s not forget the cleanup. Grease stains, anyone?


So, what’s the verdict? Are picnics and BBQs worth it? Absolutely. Despite the pitfalls, there’s something magical about enjoying a meal in nature with the people you love. Just remember to pack the sunscreen, bring some bug spray, and don’t forget the marshmallows.